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Fees & Complaints


  • (a) Average Costs per transaction (Sale or Purchase) range from £750 plus VAT to £2,000 plus VAT. If you are interested in our services, please telephone us or provide an email with the following information:

    1. 1. Purchase/sale price;
    2. 2. In case of a purchase, whether or not a mortgage is required and, if known, the name of the lender;
    3. 3. Whether the property is freehold or leasehold and, if leasehold, the approximate number of years remaining on the term;
    4. 4. In case of a joint purchase, information as to the connection between the buying parties and whether a deed of trust may be required; and
    5. 5. Whether or not a related transaction is/are involved, if known.

  • On receiving this information from you, we will be able to provide an accurate estimate which will be fixed subject to the transaction not becoming substantially delayed or significantly more complicated than anticipated.

  • (b) The charge rate for a senior solicitor is £250 plus VAT per hour and, for a trainee solicitor, £150 plus VAT per hour. In the case of capped conveyancing fees, time spent will be recorded and fees charged subject to the cap and the provisos set out above.

  • (c) All transactions will be supervised by a senior solicitor but a trainee solicitor may assist with the necessary work.

  • (d) Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) will likely apply if you are purchasing property. See the links page for HMRC's website which has an SDLT calculator.

  • (e) A local authority search, drainage search and, in some cases, an environmental search may be required to be undertaken. The costs will vary depending on the London Borough or other Borough outside London; costs will be provided with the estimate to you. Land Registry fees will be payable in relation to purchases (see links page for Land Registry website fee calculator). Bank charges are normally £12 per transfer but may be higher than this and we reserve the right to charge the costs actually incurred and VAT, if this becomes applicable; other disbursements which will be advised to you.

  • (f) In relation to conveyancing work, the estimate will includes all the main steps in a purchase or sale transaction other than survey advice, planning advice and tax advice. Should such be required you must seek it. We can act as your agent for the filing of an SDLT return.

  • (g) In case your transaction does not proceed, the fees charged to you will be no more than any capped estimate (save in exceptional circumstances) and will reflect the time actually spent on the transaction.

  • We aim to offer competitive fees for a high quality service and the above is for guidance only. The actual agreement (retainer) governing your case will need to be agreed between us and may vary from the above.

Debt collecting:

We can offer debt collecting services in which case the work will be charged at £250 plus VAT per hour for work undertaken by a senior solicitor. Court fees will apply if process has to be issued and please see link to the Court Services website for details of fees.

We do not at the present time offer conditional fees or other contingency fee arrangements.

Complaints Procedure:

The procedure may be obtained on application to us by telephone or email. In case the complaint cannot be resolved in accordance with that process, you may refer the matter to the Legal Services Ombudsman whose details are as follows:

Address: PO Box 6806, Wolverhampton, WV1 9WJ
Telephone: 0300 555 0333
Website: www.legalombudsman.org.uk